Types of Suggested Tackle


  • Spreader Bars
  • #10 or larger J hooks tied to a 60-100lb leader, 18" long
  • 1lb and 2lb cylinder weights

Bottom Fish

  • 4" - 6" buzz bombs in white, silver, and green


  • Krippled anchovy teaser heads rigged with two hooks, J hooks, or trebles
  • Herring teaser heads, rigged the same as the anchovy heads
  • Plugs, 3" to 6" in white-green, white-blue, or black-white (optional)
  • 30lb - 40lb leaders, 42" - 48" long
  • Cut plug leaders and hooks


  • Flashers in red and green, 8" and 11"
  • Weights - 4oz


  • Same as for kings


  • Small pink hoochies


  • Small pink hoochies

Sometimes the most overlooked piece of information is properly baiting, cutting and storing your fresh and frozen bait onboard your boat. At the Outback resort we have the knowledge and experience you can trust. Guided tours are available to fulfill all your wildest fishing and wildlife viewing dreams. We will take the time to show you how to bait that hook and get the big One on.

A good mix would be two red and two green flashers, 8" and 11". Hoochies in pink (small), green, army truck, green blue (standard). Anchovy and herring teaser heads, rigged, plus bottom fishing gear. Snaps, rings, weights, pliers, and line cutter.

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