For your safety while you are staying with us as our guests at the Pacific Outback Resort. We have at least two very well trained and experienced fish masters on the water at all times. Our brief and concise guest orientation and overview is provided from the fish masters about your boat and onboard emergency equipment. Also, most importantly, tips on fishingtechniques, boat handling, baiting your hooks, and total overall safety including two way radio communications. We offer on the water instructions free of charge and have self guided as well as fully guided packages available at your discretion too! Our Staff at the Pacific Outback Resort want you to have fun and feel completely safe and comfortable and also enjoying yourself at the same time. Keep those tips up, let them run until you catch and bring the big one in made ready for home!


If you have any questions or would like more information about our fishing trip packages,
please call us anytime at no charge 1-877-571-1156